Kim Kardashian appears to have the life she has always wanted. She has buckets of cash, a powerful husband and a baby who will help to keep him on the hook. But in all of Kardashian's selfish behavior, she seems to have driven a wedge between herself and her family and friends. Sure, Kardashian pops up on the family's reality shows looking totally invested, but sources say that away from the cameras she claims she is responsible for the success of those around her.

According to a report by Radar Online, Kardashian has radically changed since getting together with Kanye West, and she has morphed into the kind of person whom none of her former friends want to have to deal with.

"She is not the same person anymore and no one wants to even be around her. She ditched her friends long ago and since she got together with Kanye she has become the type of person that she always told everyone she would not become. It is really sad because she was such a huge part of her close circle of friends, and now her life is just money, labels, North and Kanye, Kanye, Kanye," says the source.

Kardashian has always fought with her sisters in a normal way, but the recent clashes have been different. Her comments about buying Kourtney Kardashian a career have not sat well, and sources say that even the family is not minding the distance that is now between them and Kim.

Do you think West really is to blame for how much she has changed? Kardashian's ego has always been a little bit out of control, but has her husband's support of her inflated sense of self made her almost impossible to be around? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.