There is no in between with Taylor Swift. You either love her so much that you blog about her or you hate her so much that you throw shade any chance you get. This is the world we live in. Swift returned all the love over the holidays during what social media dubbed "Swiftmas." The 1989 singer sent care packages to some lucky fans who then uploaded videos of themselves opening the gifts. After one troll wrote a hateful comment on Lucy Ashton's video, Swift came to her fan's defense, BuzzFeed notes.

The commenter, who, of course, elected to remain anonymous, wrote "UR UGLY TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST."

That did not sit well with the pop star.

"NO, ANONYMOUS. NO," she responded before calling Ashton the "cutest human ever born."

BuzzFeed caught up with the fan to see how she reacted to the whole ordeal:

I honestly was so shocked. I didn't even know that she was online. I responded to the message and it didn't really phase me as much as the anonymous person had hoped I guess. I logged off and a couple of minutes later, I came back on and saw that she had responded and stood up for me. I immediately started crying and contacted all of my friends that I had met through Taylor and Tumblr. There was definitely just a lot of crying and smiles that night. And fangirling with my friends.

Ashton added that she takes comfort in knowing that Swift has her back.

Swift recently helped out another fan by cutting a check for the admirer's student loans.

1989, the singer's fifth studio album, dropped in October, much to the delight of Swift Nation. It topped the Billboard 200 and managed to reach platinum status before the end of 2014. Swift pulled her entire catalog, including 1989, from Spotify in November because she did not want to contribute her music to an "experiment" that she thinks does not compensate all parties involved in the creative process.