Faith No More debuted a new song from their upcoming Sol Invictus album titled "Cone of Shame." The fan footage from the show in Japan is not of the highest quality, but it shows off the creepy tone of the song. The track follows the menacing lead single "Motherf**ker," the band's first piece of new music since 1997's Album of the Year. The second official single from the album, "Superhero," will drop in March, Blabbermouth noted.

Singer Mike Patton relies on his signature vocal style during the live version below, going from horror movie narrator to metal screamer. Roddy Bottum confirmed the song's name on Twitter after the show.

Bottum, who has been outspoken about the band recording a new album for years, explained how the whole thing came together.

"We got really bored with what we were doing, and we also felt like there are a whole lot of people out there who look to us to be inspired and encouraged by what we do artistically. So to be doing old songs on a big stage with a lot of people watching over and over -- it felt kind of cheap and easy and a little too safe of a place to be. That's not who we are," he told Faster Louder.

The keyboardist went on to call the new effort "gothic" and "dark," adding that it has "a lot of somber tones on it." Bottum also called the album a return to the band's roots, so classic Faith No More fans can rest easy.

Bottum went on to champion Patton, who was originally hesitant to work on the new album, for all his contributions.

"He has done a super, super, great job. I'm a huge fan of his lyrics, I love what he does lyrically. There are some really fun wordplay [things] that he does, and there is a lot of referencing of us as a core group," he added.

The group will head out on the North American leg of its tour in April. Sol Invictus is out May 19.