Miley Cyrus is already laying the groundwork for her third Bangerz single "Adore You." Last night (Dec. 18), the infamous twerker/singer revealed the track's single artwork on her Twitter and Instagram, and the whole package is shockingly demure.

The image, which seems to be a scrapped photo from her Bangerz album cover shoot, features the lower half of Cyrus' face, lips parted and the singer holding a big old bunch of flowers. An Instagram-esque filter gives the entire package a soft feeling, which is markedly different than the red Solo cups from the "We Can't Stop" and the screencap from her Terry Richardson music video for the "Wrecking Ball" single.

Is it finally time we get a non-scandalous video from Miley Cyrus in the Bangerz era? Only time will tell.

Until then, check out the "Adore You" single cover below:

(Photo : Twitter)

Miley Cyrus announced that "Adore You," the opening track from Bangerz and one of the album's true standout tracks, would be the album's third single on Dec. 6, while "Wrecking Ball" returned to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Penned by Stacey Barthe and Oren Yoel, "Adore You" is set to be "officially" released and hit radio on Jan. 6, 2014, so fans can expect viral videos, such as a lyric video and eventually a music video to follow that date.

Until then, though, Cyrus has already started to promote "Adore You" in small ways, most notably by incorporating it into her live act during her string of Jingle Ball dates.

Listen to Miley Cyrus' third single "Adore You" below.