While promoting his new sci-fi film, Chappie, Hugh Jackman stopped by The Tonight Show and played musical beers with Jimmy Fallon and some unexpected guests.

Saturday Night Live cast members Kate McKinnon, Bobby Moynihan and Colin Jost joined in on the fun and brought this week's SNL host, Avengers star Chris Hemsworth, along for the ride. Jackman and Jimmy Fallon wore mullet wigs to make fun of Jackman's horrible hairdo in Chappie, but Fallon graciously donated his mullet wig to Hemsworth before the game began.

Musical beers is simple enough. It's musical chairs, but with beer. However the man in charge of the music, Questlove, might have forgotten the rules. The DJ and musician played a weird mix of Jessie J's pop anthem collaboration "Bang Bang" while the participants anxiously darted around the table from one beer cup to the other.

Questlove confused everyone by skipping and restarting the song during the first round. "I don't know what he's doing!" Fallon exclaimed as he ran around the table with the rest of the contestants. But Questlove got everything under control after that.

The final round came down to Fallon and Hemsworth, but Fallon was too good at his own game and ended up winning. Unfortunately, Jackman and his mullet got knocked out early on.

Jackman's film Chappie is out this weekend.He plays an engineer who wants the current system of mechanized law enforcement to stay the same. Chappie is a stolen law enforcement robot that was reprogrammed and given artificial intelligence.

"My character hates him, fears him, wants to destroy him," Jackman told The Hollywood Reporter. "And I don't think [Chappie] can understand at first, but it ends up bringing out anger in him and sort of violence within the robot, too. But my character represents a very valid argument against artificial intelligence. A lot of people would agree with him."