If you were plugged into Billboard last week then you already know that they've been honoring everything and anything connected to every girl group that managed to break the charts over the last several decades. They've had countdowns, favorite tracks and videos galore and then the week ended with their biggest list of all, their updated Top Ten Girl Groups of All Time. Since this is Billboard, the rankings weren't based on anyone's' personal opinion, but on the artists' collective performance over the years on the Hot 100 chart.

What's cool is that just about every generation really is represented here. Martha & The Vandellas put their own spin on that legendary Motown groove. They spent much of the '60s on the charts and songs like "Heat Wave" and "Dancing in the Street" made them memorable and landed them in tenth place on this list.

Back in 1990 Dawn Robinson, Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron and Maxine Jones burst onto the scene with "Hold On" and suddenly everyone knew who En Vogue was. Perhaps the only thing hotter than the vocals for their debut single was the video that went with the song. The group was originally put together following the old '60s girl group blueprint and En Vogue enjoyed a few hit albums, Grammy nominations, endorsement deals and television spots. They were riding high for several years and in 1996 their biggest hit, "Don't Let Go (Love)" was listed at number 2 on the Hot 100. While the group still performs on occasion, line up changes, lawsuits and business issues seem to have wreacked havoc on them. Still, they easily sit in ninth place on the list of top girl groups.

In 1985, Jeanette Jurado, Ann Curless and Gioia Bruno found themselves literally put together and marketed as a dance band named Exposé — they never would have imagined that 30 years later they would still be touring the country together. They made history when their debut album, Exposure, featured four straight top ten hits on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. While other girl groups are ranked higher on this list, Exposé is the only one that, decades later, is still out there performing their popular '80s anthem hits like "Point of No Return" and "Let Me Be The One" while also laying down some brand new tracks in the studio.

So many people chuckle now when they hear Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" in the backdrop of a film like Bridesmaids, but make no mistake, back in 1990 that song was as serious as a heart attack. Chynna Phillips, Wendy Wilson and Carnie Wilson shot to a crazy level of fame, and follow-up songs like "Release Me" and "You're In Love" help to land this trio in seventh place.

The Shirelles never reached the same level of fame as The Supremes, but they certainly are, to this day, considered to be one of the very best girl groups of all time. They started out as high school friends and eventually became a quartet best known for songs like "Mama Said". The Shirelles' amazing harmonies helped to lead the way for girl groups that followed them.

One of the coolest things about the girl groups of the '80s is that they all had a different niche. If the driving dance beats of Exposé wasn't your thing, then there was always the pure pop fun of The Bangles or the R&B inspired vibe of The Pointer Sisters.

The Bangles were a force of nature in the mid-'80s, scoring big with songs like "Manic Monday", "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Eternal Flame". Their solid place in the fabric of the '80s puts them in 5th place on this list of top girl groups.

Ruth, Bonnie and Anita Pointer's songs were super catchy and the videos that accompanied tracks like "I'm So Excited" were infectiously fun. While the other groups were just breaking through, The Pointer Sisters kind of felt like the old pros and certainly earned the 4th spot on this list.

We have one word to explain why Destiny's Child would be third on this list and it starts with the letter B and ends in -yoncé. From the minute Beyoncé dropped the vocals on "No, No, No" it was pretty obvious that this group was going to stick around for awhile. "Independent Woman," "Say My Name" and "Bootylicious" proved that they equaled lightening in a bottle. When Bey, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams reunited for the Superbowl Halftime Show back in 2013 it didn't last nearly long enough for their legion of fans. All three ladies have found success in their solo ventures but a new Destiny's Child album is the stuff that dreams are made of.

When Tionne "T-Boz" Waykins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas first hit the charts with "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" they seemed to be aiming for colorful shock value, and initially it worked, everyone was digging TLC. Then they upped their game and put out CrazySexyCool which spawned hits like "No Scrubs" and "Waterfalls". Men and women alike connected with this trio and they managed to hold it together even when there was well-documented turmoil behind the scenes. We have to wonder where TLC would be now if Lopes hadn't been killed in a car accident back in 2002.

You already knew that The Supremes were going to top the list of best girl groups of all time, right? Diana Ross is the first fully documented diva of music and with Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Betty McGlown, she helped to pave the way for all of the other solid female acts that would follow. They scored 12 number one songs and tracks like "Baby Love," " You Keep Me Hanging On" and "Stop! In the Name of Love" have been covered by numerous groups in the decades since they first charted.

There you have it, Billboard's official list of the top ten girl groups of all time. What are your thoughts on their lineup? What other ladies should have cracked the list or at least deserve mentioning? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!