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Little Richard enjoys breakfast...and insurance.

Geico's Music Guest Stars: Salt-N-Pepa, Little Richard, Kenny Rogers and More

Buzz 15:36PM EDT

The latest commercial from Progressive Insurance features Carnie Wilson of the '90s pop standouts Wilson Phillips. One company has spent the last decade atop the wacky insurance commercial game is, of course, Geico. We went back and found all of their oddball entries that feature musical guests (the aforementioned Hammer went with Nationwide).READ MORE

MC Hammer: 1990 couldn't touch him.

8 Victims of MC Hammer: Madonna, Vanilla Ice, AC/DC and More

Buzz 15:18PM EDT

MC Hammer took his first step to the top of the Billboard 200 on this date 25 years ago with Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em , the hip-hop album that would introduce the world to "U Can't Touch This" and help the rapper to maintain a place at the top of the charts for 21 weeks, interrupted only once. That's impressive but it makes us feel bad for all of the other performers who were denied a no. 1 album by that craze. Nothing tops a best-selling album for musicians but Hammer wasn't trying to give his spot up. Music Times checked out the eight albums that took the no. 2 spot during Don't Hurt 'Em's run, from Madonna to Vanilla Ice, and listed them from least weeks to most in second place.READ MORE

Madonna...the downfall of '80s America.

Madonna, Janet Jackson vs Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj; Two Women-Dominated Hot 100s 25 Years apart

Buzz 16:39PM EDT

This week during 1990 marked a new high for female musicians everywhere, as all five of the top songs on the Hot 100 were performed by women. That sounds impressive but female performers have been getting their due even more so in recent years: During 2014, the Top 5 of the Hot 100 was held down by women for seven consecutive weeks. Music Times figured it'd be fun to compare the hits of yesteryear to today, having the Top 5 from this week during 1990 face off with September of 2014...Madonna, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj and more.READ MORE

The Supremes - Getty Images

TLC, Exposé and The Supremes Are on Billboard's Updated 'Top Ten Girl Groups of All Time' List

Off-Key 20:19PM EDT

If you were plugged into Billboard last week then you already know that they've been honoring everything and anything connected to every girl group that managed to break the charts over the last several decades. They've had countdowns, favorite tracks and videos galore and then the week ended with their biggest list of all, their updated Top Ten Girl Groups of All Time. Since this is Billboard, the rankings weren't based on anyone's' personal opinion, but on the artists' collective performance over the years on the Hot 100 chart.READ MORE

Queen -

12 Songs That Are Closely Associated With Certain Movies: Queen, The Shins, And More

Exclusives 15:32PM EDT

Ever since The Graduate in 1967, filmmakers have often used pre-existing pop songs to score their movies, and sometimes these songs end up working so well that it's difficult to separate the song from the movie. Here are twelve songs that are closely associated with movies.READ MORE

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