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Deftones New Album Due Out This Fall: Chino Moreno Promises 'More of a Heady Record'

by Shawn Christ   Mar 10, 2015 17:40 PM EDT

The Deftones are putting together their first album since 2012's Koi No Yokan. Frontman Chino Moreno told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that the follow-up is due out this fall. The singer pegged "September or October" as the tentative release months.

"I think it's a little more of a heady record," Moreno said, referencing the group's last album. "I feel like we've gone into the songs and really dissected them. If something sounded a little straight, we took a left turn and made things a little screwy. We just tried something completely opposite, not to sabotage it, but to challenge ourselves and try new things that we haven't done in the past."

The singer explained that while the new record is still a Deftones effort, he feels like the band has taken a step forward from Koi No Yokan. He called the new songs "amazing" and said they were written "in a really cool way."

"We had all of us in a room together with one person expressing an idea and another person jumping on it. The songs are really built as a collective. We have five guys who have almost completely different takes on music, so when it works, it works great," he said.

Koi No Yokan hit number 11 on the Billboard 200 and five on the Rock Albums charts behind "Leathers," "Tempest" and "Romantic Dreams." Critics gave the record positive reviews.

"Overall, if the Smashing Pumpkins were heavier, ballsier and angrier, they'd make albums that sound like this, since Deftones do have an alt-metal vibe. Moreno's lyrics are often from-the-journal-page and stream of thought, making them entirely open-ended and capable of attracting the disaffected," Loudwire wrote.

The Deftones released their first album, Adrenaline, in 1995. They broke onto the scene two years later with Around the Fur and singles like "My Own Summer (Shove It)" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)."

The band will play Rock in Rio in May.

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