The first taste of The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers' new solo album The Desired Effect is finally here. After a tease last month, today (March 23), Flowers released his synthy, '80s-splendor of a new single "Can't Deny My Love" is finally here.

At the very first note, "Can't Deny My Love" sounds just like something out of The Killers playbook, but as soon as more music kicks in, it's very clear that this song is a different tune for the Vegas rocker. "Can't Deny My Love" borrows heavily from the wandering, jungle-influenced pop tracks from the 1970s and '80s, with the adventurous music sitting just below Flowers' lead vocals.

What helps take this song from 2015 and throw it straight into the last century is the heavy use of background vocalists. The layers of harmonies and use of female vocalist help to add a new layer of dynamics and texture to this track, making it a glowing effort of what a new solo single could be - it's fitting in the 2015 pop landscape all while maintain the very thing that makes Flowers a unique presence in music over a decade into his career.

The throwback vibes of "Can't Deny My Love" make sense when you look at who's on board with The Desired Effect. The album (and single) were produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, who has previously given his touch to other poppy indie acts such as HAIM and Vampire Weekend.

Listen to Brandon Flowers' new single "Can't Deny My Love" below, via Consequence of Sound:

"Can't Deny My Love" is the first track from Flowers' second studio album The Desired Effect. The Killers frontman initially announced his new solo effort last month. The album will hit stores on May 18.

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