April 21, 2018 / 12:11 AM

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Is Britney Spears' new single the will.i.am guest track 'It Should Be Easy?'


Is Britney Jean already revving up for a third single? According to Sound Off Music Blog and celebrity gossip site OhNoTheyDidnt, the will.i.am featuring track "It Should Be Easy" is looking like Britney Spears' follow-up to "Work B----" and "Perfume."

The rumblings of "It Should Be Easy" as a third single follows a new remix EP Sound Off previewed on its blog. New versions of the song with courtesy of DJs such as "Westfunk," "Firebeatz," "Zoo Station" and "Greg Cerrone" popped up for the already club-friendly track and can be heard over at the blog's website.

Though fans in the Britney Army were hoping for the album's first track "Alien" or standout "Passenger" as a third single, it wouldn't be surprising if Spears' label decided to go for the EDM-influenced "It Should Be Easy."

Not only does the track actually have some of those personal vibes that Spears teased in the lyrics, the explosive production value easily lends itself to the club atmosphere.

After both "Work B----" and "Perfume" failed to resonate on the radio and with fans, attempting to go for a club-friendly song and a dance hit would be a reasonable decision for the higher-ups at RCA.

Plus, even though he has his haters, will.i.am can still manage to make a massive pop hit. In fact, he and Spears did it just last year with the simplistic, oddly British-tinged "Scream and Shout" from will.i.am's album #willpower.

Even though Spears is struggling to find an audience for Britney Jean, her Las Vegas residency is going strong.

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