An Atlanta concert promoter is suing 2 Chainz after the emcee reportedly ignored a contractual obligation and allegedly caused huge damages to the organization's professional reputation (from HipHopDX).

The rapper was in his hometown during 2013 to perform at Wild Bill's, a concert hall/nightclub located in Duluth. He was paid $60,000 for his services and had allegedly signed a contract that declared he wouldn't perform another show for two weeks, both prior to and after the Wild Bill's event. Naturally, 2 Chainz didn't even wait more than a few hours to perform again, appearing at The Mansion Elan later that night in Brookhaven, another Atlanta neighborhood.

Let's clarify that something already seems fishy about this contract, although we can't say for sure whether it's the result of bad reporting or simply bizarre contractual obligations. Many venues or promoters will require that a big-name artist such as 2 Chainz sign an agreement that they won't play another gig in the area for x-amount of time. However, a contract that demands the rapper not play any shows anywhere for nearly a month is absurd, considering how much he brings in from shows.

Either way, 2 Chainz almost certainly violated the true (truuuuuuu contract?) by performing two shows in the same town in the same night. Rockmo Entertainment is seeking $1.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages, claiming that the rapper's stunt caused "extreme financial damages and irreparable harm to its professional representation."

We can't comment on the latter claim but it stands to reason that Chainz' second show caused a possible loss of revenue for Rockmo and Wild Bill's: The concert poster published by HipHopDX indicates that The Mansion show had free entry until midnight, and sponsor Avion would be handing out free tequila until midnight as well. Why pay to go see 2 Chainz when you can get in for free and score alcohol on top?

That said, the second concert wasn't exactly a low-key event. How did Rockmo not catch wind beforehand?

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