February 25, 2018 / 8:44 PM

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Iggy Azalea on Britney Spears' 'Pretty Girls' Music Video: Geena Davis, Narratives & No Dancing for Her


The music video for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's new song "Pretty Girls" is only 11 days away (not like we're counting...), but the video's director is opening up about the concept surrounding the throwback, fun-filled music video. And, the director just so happens to be Azalea herself. The video has plenty of influences from the '80s, including some unlikely inspiration from Geena Davis.

In speaking to USA Today, Azalea revealed that she and Spears bonded over their mutual love of Davis and some of her old roles, including Thelma & Louise.

"I think she's just like the ultimate '80s pin-up hot, cool type of girl, so I told Britney to check her out, and she was like, "Yes, I love Geena Davis!" So we based our characters on a lot of stuff like that, like Geena Davis and characters she played in a lot of her movies at that time period," Azalea said. "But there's definitely a narrative. I don't want to give it away, but it's quirky and funny."

Azalea was insistent that including a narrative for the music video was important to both her and Spears and that they're totally playing characters in the new video, which includes some leopard print, Jeeps and partying in the sun. "You know me, I like having a narrative. So if it was just like, "'80s!" that would be kind of boring for me. But what Britney made clear to me is that she really wanted to do a video where she got to dress up and play a character," she said.

One thing Azalea did not take Spears' advice on? Dancing. Though the Las Vegas mama is known for her moves, Azalea wasn't quite so ready to get her groove on.

"I didn't dance! She wanted me to. Since I was co-directing the video, the way I explained it was, it would be kind of obnoxious for me to direct a video and give myself a dance break as well. Like, 'Here's the video! And I gave myself a dance scene!'" Azalea noted. "I don't know if it necessarily fits my identity, but I think Britney's identity is really embedded in being a dancer, and that's something she really wanted to do as well. So there's a lot of dancing in the video, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily centered around that."

So, maybe she won't be dancing, but it still sounds totally fun! "Pretty Girls" will be released on May 5.

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