Mariah Carey kicked off the first night of her Las Vegas residency at Caesar's Palace on Wednesday, performing all 18 of her no. 1 hits and ending with her newest single, "Infinity."

Those familiar with the Las Vegas residency scene won't be surprised to hear that Mariah #1 to Infinity features plenty of costume changes and special stage decorations. Billboard reports that the vocalist donned a series of glittering dresses throughout the night, and nearly every time she reemerged onstage from a wardrobe change, she was riding on some sort of prop: a pink, vintage automobile for "Dreamlover," a jet ski for "Honey," and a round bed for "Touch My Body." Other touches included a confetti word on how much that messed with Mariah's hair.

One special performance—no word on whether it will return for the rest of the series—was a guest appearance by Trey Lorenz for Carey's performance of "I'll Be There." Lorenz was on hand 23 yard ago when the pop star performed the Jackson 5 hit as part of her MTV Unplugged set during 1992.

Although some might suggest a Vegas residency only cements Carey's diva status, the performer wasn't afraid to mingle, walking through the audience while performing "Always Be My Baby."

Mariah #1 to Infinity will be running during May and July for three nights a week, totaling 18 concerts, but expect word later about whether Mimi will return for more.

Caesar's Palace has a healthy number of returning artists in place for its residency program, including Elton John, Celine Dion and Rod Stewart.