Jamie xx's debut album, In Colour, is now available to stream on iTunes. However, there is something different about this stream. Many artists put their album a week early on iTunes radio, however Jamie xx went around that and created a visual experience based around shapes of various colors that match the tracks as they play.

In Colour is slated for release next Tuesday on June 2, but you can listen and watch the album in full now. Five of the tracks have already been released as singles or EPs including "Gosh" and "Loud Places," which have earned plaudits from DJs and critics alike, as well as his summer-bound hit, "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" featuring Young Thug and Popcaan. The track was leaked a week early, but that has not stopped the tune's momentum at all.

The album is a colorful display of Jamie xx's solo productions that range from the softly quiet to his playful steel drum-driven tunes. Head to his iTunes page to immerse yourself in the album visually and sonically.

He recently spoke to Mixmag about making the LP and how it was not easy for him to put something out as a solo artist.

"I was really nervous!" he admitted. "It's almost like doing the debut again and having to deal with all the expectation. I've never lacked confidence in the music I've make, but I've sometimes doubted how people will see me because I'm this guy from an indie or pop background making dance music. I worry people don't take me seriously."

In Colour Tracklist:

01. Gosh
02. Sleep Sound
03. See Saw ft. Romy
04. Obvs
05. Just Saying
06. Stranger in a Room ft. Oliver Sim
07. Hold Tight
08. The Rest Is Noise
09. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]
10. Loud Places ft. Romy
11. Girl