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Lady Gaga Pregnancy Rumors: 'Cheek to Cheek' Singer Shrugs Off Baby Talk at L.A. Show with Tony Bennett

by Carolyn Menyes   Jun 1, 2015 15:16 PM EDT

Though Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be expecting a new baby, but there's one superstar who is definitely not pregnant: Lady Gaga. Apparently, pregnancy rumors have been swirling around the Cheek to Cheek singer over the last few months as fans have noted the Mama Monster's changing body shape. But, last nigh (May 31) during a concert in Los Angeles with Tony Bennett, the 29-year-old singer admitted that she's just, well, getting older.

Previously known for her slim figure, Gaga has been carrying a little extra weight lately (and still looks totally fabulous), but she felt the need to clarify at her Hollywood Bowl concert.

"I'm getting a little older and many people think I'm pregnant but I tell them, 'I'm just almost f*cking 30,'" Gaga candidly told the crowd (via People)

But, she's not insecure about it and shared a lesson she learned from her friend, singing partner and mentor Bennett. "Tony's taught me [that] you can live your life and feel the same every single day forever," she said while grabbing her thigh. "Me on the other hand, I'm having a more difficult time with things. A little more here and there."

Her baby-free status wasn't the only sharing Gaga did with the crowd. She also gave a little insight into her relationship with her fiancé, actor Taylor Kinney, saying that "every little bit I get with him, even though it's not a lot, means so much."

In addition to chatting with fans, Gaga also sang her jazz standards at the L.A. show. Her set with Bennett also included a cover of the classic French track "La Vie En Rose."

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