The most talked about event--outside of the riots--at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert this year was the battle between Fabolous' "friends" versus Chris Brown's "friends" that had everyone losing their minds and debating as they anticipated which act would outdo the other.

As the newly single 26-year-old continuously gets bashed for his legal and love troubles in the media, Chris Brown's fans and friends at the Met Life Stadium seemed to be forgiving as he left all his woes off the stage. Neon green lights illuminated the stage as he walked onto the stage in his red camouflage hoodie and green army fatigue jeans and hat and broke out in a two-minute dance routine before thanking the crowd for supporting him for 10 years through his trials and tribulations.

Recently, the R&B bad boy celebrated the release of his album, X, which symbolized his ten-year career. He asked the completely full arena to take a trip down memory lane with him as the DJ switched on his 2005 hit "Poppin'" before turning to his 2015 smash, "Ayo Yo." During it all, the extremely energized 6'1" star jumped into the photo pit to get closer to his loyal fans.

In what some may have thought that to be the most mind blowing moment of the set, 50-Cent and G-Unit walked onto the stage, belting out "What Up Gangsta" and another Get Rich Or Die Tryin' hit, "Many Men" as Brown yelled out "Make some noise for my brother, 50 Cent!"

The rapper's smile gleamed as he revealed that the surprise almost didn't occur due to tight security, "They ain't want to let us in. They was patting us down like we had bombs." Soon after, the Virginia native introduced rapper, French Montana, who spit his verse over Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga" and had the crowd and even gangster rappers on stage hitting the Shmoeny dance.

Once Brown's performance was over, fans wondered what more could there be and immediately the purple and red lights beamed through the arena as Brooklyn's own Fabolous welcomed him back on the stage to perform "She Wildin" igniting his "Fabulous and Friends" set.

Before introducing his next surprise, the rap star screamed into the microphone, "Raise your hand if you made more money in 2014 than you did in 2015" as French Montana walked on to perform "Ball Drop."

Towards the end of the song, Fab kept the "woah" chant flowing as he invited rapper Black Rob to spit his 2000 hit song, "Like Woah." Fans were completely caught up in the moment as rap legend, Busta Rhymes, appeared in all white with an obnoxious, yet deserving, enormous gold chain around his neck, screaming out, "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See."

Later, he transitioned to "Ante Up" before introducing rapper, Remy Ma. The 35-year-old was welcomed with a warm cheer as she resurfaced on the main stage after serving six years in prison and she rocked the stage with a Terror Squad hit, "Lean Back" with rapper Fat Joe.

And it didn't stop there! Fab still had more tricks up his sleeve as he brought out WuTang members Redman and Method Man, Mobb Deep, Queen Bee Lil Kim, The Lox and lastly Mase.

Hands down, Fab definitely stole the show and went down in the Summer Jam books as having the best surprise performances!