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Kanye West Axes Chris Brown From New 'Donda' Version Because of PERSONAL Reason

Genres 22:52PM EDT

Kanye West made Chris Brown taste his own medicine by cutting him off the new version of "Donda."READ MORE

Kanye West

Did Kanye West Finally Remove DaBaby, Marilyn Manson in 'Donda?'

Buzz 08:00AM EDT

Did Kanye West finally remove controversial artists DaBaby and Marilyn Manson on "Donda?"READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Seemingly Lambasts DaBaby In Grandest Way; Fans React!

Buzz 19:52PM EDT

Chris Brown earned people’s respect even more as he seemingly weighed in on DaBaby’s controversy in the most epic way.READ MORE

Lil Dicky Reveals the Real Reason Why 'White Dude' MV Was Removed on Youtube

Lil Dicky Reveals the Real Reason Why 'White Dude' MV Was Removed on Youtube

Buzz 09:06AM EDT

Racial Foul! It's not a joke he's proud of, he says.READ MORE

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? 3 Eminem Surprising Moments

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up? 3 Eminem Surprising Moments

Exclusives 20:30PM EDT

Eminem, or Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is known to be one of many who brought hip hop to the mainstream as well as the acceptance of white rappers. The Grammy Awardee achieved this not without controversies along the way. Here are a few of Eminem's epic moments that caught everyone's attention.READ MORE

Chris Brown

Women’s Advocacy Group Asks Spotify To Also Remove Chris Brown, Eminem In Official Playlists

Buzz 07:38AM EDT

Ultraviolet, a women's advocacy group, recently urged the heads of Spotify to remove artists like Chris Brown, Eminem, and Steven Tyler from its playlists. All three were involved in sexual misconduct cases.READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Accused Of Rape, Hiding Guns From Police

Buzz 07:45AM EDT

An unnamed woman accused Chris Brown and two of his friends of rape and sexual battery on Wednesday. The victim alleged that the assault happened in his home back in February 2017.READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Lawyer Says Whoever Took ‘Horseplay’ Video Will Be Held Accountable

Buzz 07:09AM EDT

Chris Brown's lawyer insisted that the photographs of him choking a woman was done in light-hearted fun. He also warned that whoever invaded the singer's privacy will be held accountable.READ MORE

Kendall Jenner

Fans Slam Kendall Jenner, Ed Sheeran For Collaborating With Chris Brown

Buzz 07:43AM EDT

Kendall Jenner, Ed Sheeran, and DJ Khaled recently appeared in Chris Brown's music video for 'Freaky Friday.' Jenner and Sheeran were criticized by fans thereafter.READ MORE


Rihanna Slams Snapchat Ad For Making Light Of Domestic Violence

Buzz 06:49AM EDT

Rihanna has caused Snapchat's stocks to plummet on Thursday. The singer called out the social media company for an ad that references and makes fun of her domestic abuse in the hands of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.READ MORE

Vaness Carlton

Vanessa Carlton On Chris Brown: 'I Support Survivors Not Perpetrators Of Domestic Violence'

Buzz 06:57AM EDT

Vanessa Carlton did not appreciate how fans linked her to Chris Brown after he shared her music on his social media account. The 37-year-old singer already put her Instagram account on private.READ MORE


Happy Birthday, RiRi! Rihanna Celebrates 30th Birthday With Heartfelt Tribute To Mom Monica

Buzz 07:07AM EDT

Rihanna's mom, Monica, and younger brother, Rorrey, greeted the 'Diamonds' singer on her 30th birthday on Feb. 20. Chris Brown also paid tribute to his ex-girlfriend on her special day.READ MORE

Chris Brown

WATCH: Did Chris Brown And The Game Share A Blunt During NBA's Hip-Hop All Star Game?

Buzz 16:22PM EDT

The Game recently defended himself from critics after he and Chris Brown were spotted passing blunt at the NBA Hip-Hop All-Star Game in Los Angeles. The two singers' video went viral on social media.READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Wants To Go On Tour With Rihanna, Beyoncé, And Bruno Mars

Genres 00:47AM EDT

Chris Brown who released a new album, 'Heartbreak on a Full Moon,' last year wants to go on a world-tour with Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Rihanna. However, the internet was not onboard with his 'crazy idea.'READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Could Face Misdemeanor Charges Because Of Pet Monkey

Buzz 09:13AM EDT

Chris Brown's pet monkey, Fiji, was seized from his home earlier this month. The singer faced backlash after taking care of the money without a permit.READ MORE

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