Could it be that LeAnn Rimes' fondest wish is finally about to come true? It's absolutely no secret that she has been trying to get pregnant for quite a while now. When her reality series with husband, Eddie Cibrian, aired last summer one of the main topics was her desire to be a mother. She is a step-mom to Cibrian's two sons with ex Brandi Glanville, but has struggled to get pregnant with her own child, at least until now. From what we are hearing, Rimes might finally be expecting a baby of her own.

According to a report by Celebitchy: "It's early, so there's no bump," reveals a source close to the couple. "But the buzz is, she's pregnant." LeAnn's love for Eddie's sons have only increased her longing for a child of her own: "Eddie's already a dad, so for him not having another baby isn't the end of the world. But for LeAnn, it's almost the only thing she thinks about." Though LeAnn and Eddie had been trying "the old fashioned way," word is they ultimately elected to go the in-vitro route. "She wanted to conceive naturally, but it just wasn't happening. The baby-making escapade has been traumatic. LeAnn had to convince Eddie to go for IVF and that's stressful," explains an insider.

Rimes' insecurity has been widely reported over the years, with her supposedly not trusting her husband around other women. That might be wise on her part, especially when you consider the fact that she and Cibrian first got together when they were both married to other people. She has insisted that they are soulmates and that is what brought them together, but unfortunately Cibrian is known for his wandering eye.

Rimes has mentioned thinking that a baby would solidify things and ensure that her marriage is permanent but that didn't work for Glanville and Cibrian continued to cheat on her even after they had kids. Do you think that Rimes really is pregnant and if so then is it basically a band aid baby? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!