February 18, 2018 / 12:21 AM

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Elephant Conducts Violinist in Adorable Belgian Zoo Video


An adorable video from Belgium is catching the eyes of animal lovers and the ears of classical music fans, as a man serenades an elephant with his violin

The violin player isn't identified in the video, but the Pairi Daiza (a zoo in Belgium) has confirmed that he and several other musicians will be playing in a series of performances at the zoo this weekend. 

The video begins with the violin player performing for two elephants, and one seems to fancy itself a conductor. It raises its trunk in the air in front of the violinist and swings it back and forth, and also up and down, as if attempting to send the musician messages about his tempo and tone. Alas, the performer chooses to ignore the advice of his pachyderm promoter, so we're just left with an adorable video, which you can check out here

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