We live in a world where the drive to have the latest and greatest gadget, piece of clothing or trend can be all-consuming. This gives rise to a class of luxury items that are so over the top that everyone except for the ludicrously wealthy shakes their heads.  Those who have absolutely no idea what to do with their newfound wealth (case and point broke athletes) seem drawn to these items like flies. This is where 2 Chainz's web series with GQ, Most Expensivest Sh*t, highlights some of the outrageous things one can buy and he goes out and samples them. This time 2 Chainz brought along his main man Diplo, who he recently teamed up with on the Major Lazer Peace Is The Mission track "Night Riders," as well as the Jack Ü tune "Febreeze," to try on some $48,000 sunglasses.

As a connoisseur of sunglasses and with over $250,000 spent on fine eyewear, the Atlanta rapper knows a thing or two about sunglasses. Diplo admits his sunglass game is not very strong and deferred most of the judgment on the glasses to his chain-wearing friend.

The pair first tried out some reasonably paired glasses that were just over $100. One had white marble frames with a crocodile laser etched in it and another was a "simple" all rose gold pair.

However, they were waiting for the really expensive offerings, which was slightly delayed because the glasses had to be removed from a titanium suitcase fitted with an electronic seal inside and requiring a long code that Mike, the owner of 9Five Eyewear had to punch in. The glasses have 400 hand-set white VVS diamonds on each frame, for a total of 800 diamonds and retail for "just" $48,000. If any of the diamonds fall out, which Mike claims they won't, 9Five will immediately replace the diamond.  2 Chainz seemed in awe but Diplo didn't seem to get the hype.