The U.S. Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, took to Twitter for a Q&A session with his followers in which he revealed that OutKast and The Black Keys have been his musical choices as of late.

POTUS previously preached his appreciation for Beyonce, Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen, but during the Q&A, Twitter users quizzed the President on his favorite song, reports Billboard. In response, Obama wrote, "was listening to outkast/liberation and the black keys/lonely boy this morning."

Black Keys quickly countered with their own tweet, asking if they could borrow Obama's Air Force 1 to arrive at gigs in presidential style. Obama replied that the group should "come play at the White House sometime instead."

"Liberation" can be found of hip hop duo OutKast's 1998 LP, Aquemini, while The Black Key's "Lonely Boy" is listed on their 2011 LP, El Camino.

The President was forced to deny knowledge of Kanye West's house phone number earlier this year after West's speech at the Oxford Union in which the rapper told the crowd that Obama "calls the home phone." After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the President admitted that he wasn't aware of having the rapper's number. "I've met Kanye twice," he said, notes NME. "The first time when I was a senator, and he was with his mom. He had just gotten big and he's from Chicago... He was very soft spoken, very gracious."

"Then, about six months ago, he came to an event. Look, I love his music, he's incredibly creative, but I don't think I have his home number," he added.

Dan Auerbach, Black Keys front man, will unveil a brand new album with his latest band, The Arcs, soon. Catch the release of Yours, Dreamily via Nonesuch Records on September 4.