President Obama may have to keep a clean image for political reasons, but stowed away somewhere in the White House, the POTUS has his dancing shoes ready to go. Obama grew up in Chicago right during the early days of Chicago house when names like Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter and Marshall Jefferson made a name for themselves. He has kept that love alive during his political career and the President on July 4 recorded a message for the 25th anniversary of the Chosen Few DJs picnic, which takes place each year back in Chicago.

Obama's connection to Chicago house as a politician runs all the way back to when he was an Illinois state senator. In 2004, when he held that post, Obama named the street where the seminal venue Warehouse (where house music got its name from), Frankie Knuckles Way. He also declared Aug. 25 Frankie Knuckles Day for his contribution to the city and to house music as the widely recognized godfather of the genre.

Last year, when the DJ died at the age of 59, Barack and his wife Michelle wrote a touching tribute letter for the man.

Watch or reach Obama's message below.

"Michelle and I are sorry we can't be home with all the house heads in Jackson Park today," Obama says. "We're having a Fourth of July get-together of our own at the White House, with some of America's finest servicemen and women and their families, but I still wanted to wish the Chosen Few DJs and all of you a happy Fourth of July, and a happy 25th anniversary, Chosen Few Picnic. Love you Chicago! Enjoy the fireworks."