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Nero Shares "Two Minds" Music Video From 'Between II Worlds' [WATCH]

by Ryan Middleton   Aug 4, 2015 12:22 PM EDT

Nero has unveiled the music video for their recent Between II Worlds single "Two Minds," which was unveiled in July. The video is an interesting and futuristic take on the theme of the song. As Nero's vocalist Alana Watson croons in the chorus, "It's the little things that count which can make someone feel special."  Share the vision with Nero and watch.

"Two Minds" takes place in a crossover of a futuristic world  and contemporary time as three men of some agency, presumably the government, chase after a woman who is made up of what appears to be data and can jump around between televisions to escape her attackers. However, she becomes cornered after seeing her lover from a life when she was whole and human in the flesh and is taken down. The man, who recognizes his love, kisses the data woman in a selfless act and becomes a super data person.  The super data person, "two minds," then stomps off into the distance and away from their attackers. Check out the video for "Two Minds" below.

The track is very different from the dark, bombastic, electro, synth-pop ballads that they have been writing for the album. It is much more stripped down and reminiscent of the 1990s house music that Nero probably grew up with as youngsters.

"Two Minds" is the latest single to be unveiled from their sophomore artist album Between II Worlds. Fans have been waiting for new music from the trio ever since they released their 2011 album Welcome Reality. The UK-based electronic act shared a few tracks over the four years since, but they have been largely quiet since on the production front.

 When you pre-order the album on iTunes, you will receive "Dark Skies," the title track and "Satisfy" as instant downloads. The album will be released on Sept 11.

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