Another Philly rapper has entered the beef. Two nights ago (August 6), during a "Pinkprint" show, Meek Mill blasted fellow Philly rapper, AR-Ab, for supposedly siding against him with Drake in the beef that has swept over the country. Drake namedropped AR-Ab on "Back to Back," his second diss track against Meek and now, after the Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper called him out on stage, AR-Ab has come through with his own "Back 2 Back," taking on the Drizzy instrumental and sending another brutal diss track Meek's way.

During the "Pinkprint" tour's stop in Camden, New Jersey, just outside of Philly, Meek took some shots at Drake by way of a live freestyle, before directing his aim to AR-Ab, accusing him and his crew of backing Drake and OVO.

"F*ck AR-Ab. Motherf*ckin' Philly n*gga -- how dare a f*ckin' Philly n*gga d*ckride another n*gga from outta town. And let 'em know it's comes straight from Meek Milly. All them n*ggas p*ssy," fumed the Dreamchasers boss. He also says of AR-Ab's crew, "Them n*ggas don't do sh*t but get shot the f*ck up."

On "Back to Back," Drake rapped, "I waited four days, n*gga, where y'all at? / I drove here in the Wraith playing AR-Ab." After the song dropped, AR-Ab tweeted his delight at being mentioned in a Drake song and aligned his crew, OBH, with OVO.

I'm a let YALL let this shit sink in for a lil bit#OVOOBH — AR-AB OBH (@AssaultRifleAB) July 29, 2015

A video soon surfaced of some of AR-Ab's "goons" seemingly trash talking Meek, while telling the camera, "Drake has a red carpet in Philly." A couple of days later (August 5), AR-Ab told DJ Vlad that, as far as he knew, him and Meek were on good terms. In the same interview, however, he said he was underwhelmed by Meek's "Wanna Know" and that many in Philly thought the response track was "corny." He praised Drake's "Back to Back" and felt it might be too late for Meek to come back with a second response. He also spoke positively of his relationship with Meek on Charlamagne Tha God's podcast, The Brilliant Idiots.

Since he caught wave of Meek's harsh words in Camden, though, the two Philly rappers are now enemies; if AR-Ab wasn't taking a side before, he's now officially joined Team Drake. And he's responded to Meek by rapping over Drake's "Back to Back" -- with lyrical threats that are much more violent than anything Drizzy had to say.

"I just left jail, I guess I'm going back / I blow a hole in your stomach, make 'em sew it back," raps the self-proclaimed "top goon of Philly."

He tells Meek he should be worrying about Drake -- "Why'd you diss me? You need to diss Drake / That n*gga killed you, 'First 48'" -- but now that he's entered the beef, he's not gonna back down. He throws an obscene taunt at Meek's relationship with Nicki Minaj -- "I heard Nicki f*cked you with a strap on," and elsewhere says Meek isn't nearly as safe in Philly as he claims to be. Listen to the track below.

AR-Ab ends the track speaking directly to Meek, "If it's f*ck me, well then it's f*ck you, n*gga. Let's play ball." Judging by this Instagram post, Meek seems ready to go.

Let's play  A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Aug 7, 2015 at 9:00pm PDT

50 Cent, who has provided humorous Instagram commentary throughout the beef, struck a more serious note upon hearing AR-Ab's diss track. He clearly thinks it was a bad call for Meek to bring him into the fold.

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