Lady Gaga is reportedly suing London-based breast milk ice cream company The Licktators to have them cease all production of a product "Royal Baby Gaga" that she feels infringes on her name. The company claims that the flavor is an homage to the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton and has absolutely nothing to do with the Artpop singer.

In a cease and desist letter sent to The Licktators, Gaga and her legal team demanded that the company remove the flavor and all mention of it anywhere within 14 days.

There is some irony here in that Lady Gaga attributes the "Gaga" part of her name to Queen, who wrote the track "Radio Ga Ga."

According to The Mirror, this is not the first time Gaga has taken the Licktators to court over a brand of ice cream. In 2011, she sued the company over an earlier rendition of Baby Gaga.

Lawsuits are commonplace for pop stars who appear to spend as much time speaking to their lawyers as they do in the studio and on the road. Taylor Swift is known for going after anybody who is seen for making merchandise with her lyrics on it and former guitar teachers, as well as, filing for pretty frivolous trademarks.

Jay Z seems to get himself into a new lawsuit every month, with the "Big Pimpin'" suit coming to a head in October. His Watch the Throne brother Kanye West is equally as eager to pull the trigger on lawsuits and a major target with hefty lawyer fees piling each year, fighting off paparazzi and fans alike such as the individual who started crypto-currency Coinye.

Lady Gaga is stretching in this case trying to own the phrase "gaga," especially since she isn't the first to use it.

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