The Black Keys' frontman Dan Auerbach has a new group he's playing with called The Arcs, and besides creating some truly amazing songs, they've also decided to weigh in on the Drake vs. Meek Mill feud in a brief talk section of the band's music video for "Outta My Mind."

The music video, directed by Nick Walker, is quite the trip. With spinning purple and yellow backgrounds that look like a broken VHS screen feed, the music video harks back to '60s psychedelic visuals as Auerbach wails away on guitar, swaying side to side around the microphone. Also, be on the lookout for a shirtless man standing stoically in the background for no apparent reason.

Far be it from Auerbach to make a video that's anything close to normal. "Outta My Mind" is interrupted in the middle with a random fight as someone yells, "Don't go to Chinatown no more, dawg." The end of the video then cuts to the Auerbach and another band member discussing the Drake vs Meek Mill rivalry.

"Do you think Meek Mill was like 'Yo, I'm gonna use your - this beat to diss Drake,' " Auerbach questioned in this back-and-forth.

"He must have right? Don't you have to tell somebody that?"

"I don't know"

"Meek Mill may not live by the same rules as us."

It's not really clear where the band stands on the issue from this brief clip, but if past videos are any indication, Auerbach is probably just trying to confuse us with his oddball sense of humor.

The Arcs' debut album Yours Dreamily is an R&B tinged blues album that has The Black Keys frontman exploring new vestiges of that core blues style that launched him into stardom. The Akron duo started as a dirty two-piece blues band, but as they broke through the confines of those earlier titles, they began to expand their sound into indie rock on Brothers and psychedelic music on Attack and Release as well as the band's 2014 album Turn Blue.

With drummer Patrick Carney resting up after a shoulder injury, Auerbach went ahead to expand that sound once again with some old friends - Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss and Nick Movshon, featuring Kenny Vaughan and the female singers of Mariachi Flor De Toloache - forming The Arcs.

Check out the video below and see the band crack more jokes in their car for the video's trailer above.