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Is An Outkast Biopic in the Works? Big Boi, Andre 3000 Hint About Movie

by Andrea G. Hill   Sep 14, 2015 14:56 PM EDT

Could an Outkast biopic be in the works? Reports indicate this could be a strong possibility. The box office success of the N.W.A. movie Straight Outta Compton is opening a lot of doors and opportunities for other pioneers within hip-hop that have long wanted to share their stories of their humble beginnings. Now, it seems Atlanta based hip-hop super duo Andre 3000 and Big Boi may be the next up to share their story with the world.

XXL Mag reports that Outkast may be the next big music film. During a session with Reddit, Big Boi talked about the possibility of bringing his and Andre 3000's story to the big screen. When asked by a fan about the possibility of an Outkast movie, he wrote, "Me and 'Dre were just discussing this over Labor Day. Stay tuned."

This isn't the first time that an Outkast biopic has been the topic of conversation. Andre 3000, who also boasts a pretty impressive film resume, addressed the idea in an interview with David Letterman >last year and joked about the idea of the group filming a biopic in their honor. But it doesn't seem like much of a joke anymore.

In the wake of the box office success of N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton, fans may see a spike in biopics as a film depicting the origins of Death Row Records, Dogg Pound for Life is now in the works

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