Nate D. Sanders Auctions are offering up some more cool Beatles memorabilia Thursday (Sept. 24), including the band's first known color recording, a three-and-a-half minute video of the band playing in the ABC Theatre in Blackpool, England, as well as several previously unreleased photos of John Lennon just two days before he was shot in 1980.

The photos show Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono during what would be the couple's final interview conducted by DJ Andy Peebles of the BBC in New York's legendary recording studio the Hit Factory. BBC photographer Paul Williams took the shots of what is now known as the Last Lennon Tapes. The photos come courtesy of a press release via Nate D. Sanders auctions.

A foam cup of coffee sits on the table in front of Ono with milk and sugar close by, along with a Pepsi can in front of Lennon as well as an ash tray and a couple carton's of cigarettes for the interview. Even now, you can tell Lennon doesn't have much affinity for interviews with the press, but he's being a trooper and sticking it out. They aren't the most iconic photos you'll see of the legend, but they're fun to analyze.

Bidding for the negatives begins at $14,000, according to the release.

Williams' photos are some of the last to ever capture Lennon aside from Annie Leibovitz's iconic Rolling Stone cover image, which has a naked Lennon kissing a fully clothed Ono taken the same day of his death.

The film going up for auction was taken much earlier in the musician's life, just as The Beatles hit the charts. Skiffle performer Chase McDevitt shot the bands first known color recording on August 25, 1963 at the ABC. Most of the footage is the band backstage talking to other patrons, tuning guitars, opening fan mail and Lennon showing off his erratic hand clapping routine. Bidding for this also begins at $14,000 according to the press release.