Lucious may be out of jail but his legal issues are far from over. In fact, this may just be the tip of the iceberg for the music making mogul. During episode 4 of season 2, Lucious finally decides to make amends with Cookie and Andre digs up the past in order to be accepted back into the Empire.

Things kick off with the FBI tearing through all things connected to the company, by order of that pesky prosecutor who has it out for Lucious and Empire. Meanwhile, Jamal being interviewed by a Rolling Stone journalist for his cover story as his boyfriend offers a deadly side eye to the interviewer.

Back at the Dynasty, Cookie gets word of the FBI's raid and her eyes light up almost instantaneously. She orders Hakeem to call Valentina in an effort to patch things up with his girl group and she offers Anika a position if she can sign Royalty. The lady Lyon soon realizes that she has jumped the gun as the feds show up at her place as well.

Thirsty, Lucious' lawyer, alerts him that the FBI is on their way. He comes up with some fake legal defense on the spot, but the feds storm in anyway and the prosecutor is met with a shocking surprise: Lucious standing in his bedroom completely nude.

In the boardroom, Mimi Whiteman devises a plan for Empire following the raid. Lucious takes a cue from Cookie, busting in and giving a speech about how now is the time to expand. He says, “Where we come from, if the cops raid your house that makes you a G, if the Feds raise your house, you’re an OG … it gives you a ghetto pass. It shows we’re so raw, so dangerous.” Apparently, Whiteman is on board and Cookie still isn't pleased about their business deal.

During the family's weekly meeting, Thirsty suggests that they find Vernon and convince him not to testify. Lucious is down with the idea and Andre sits looking dour.

Elsewhere, Lucious and Cookie propose a truce with the latter offering up her list of demands. They decide to have Hakeem and Jamal make a video together to present a united front to the feds.

Andre later approaches his father about getting his spot back at Empire and Lucious tells him he can have anything thing he wants if he can "make this go away." Andre then tells his wife Rhonda that God has been speaking to him and told him to dig up Vernon's body (remember it was Rhonda who hit Vernon in the head with a candlestick during a fight with her husband and killed him). She agrees to help him.

Back at the video shoot, Cookie steps outside for a phone call and gets arrested. She screams from the backseat, “If I die in police custody, I did not commit suicide.”

The prosecutor is responsible for picking Cookie up and she's determined to make a charge stick against her. That, or she's going after Cookie's sons. After some time and a few flashbacks, Cookie gives up enough information to get her freedom back.

Andre and Rhonda head out to the woods to dig up Vernon's body and realize that the marker they used is identical to a hole found on all of the other trees. As they both go into panic, they decide to continue digging around. Headlights appear in the distance and Lucious realizes that his son may have saved his life. Thirsty just so happens to have a machine called a Corpse Detection System and they're able to locate Vernon. Andre expresses guilt over the body, once he's out of the ground. Lucious, on the other hand, tells his one-time friend to rot in hell and labels him a snitch.

Hakeem has a couple drinks at a bar and possibly discovers a new lead singer for his girl group. After a brief stint in jail, Cookie meets up with Anika, who she dismisses after it is revealed that she lied about Lucious wanting the masters. It seems as though Jamal may have found a new love interest as he posters the city with a painting of himself.

The next morning, the prosecutor finds the body in the front seat of her car.

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