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Watch: Wolf Alice Continue British Wave with 'Bros' on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'

by William Hoffman   Nov 3, 2015 12:20 PM EST

With recent appearances from Royal Blood and the Maccabees, James Corden and The Late Late Show are quickly establishing themselves as the place to go for British indie rock, and this week adds to that perception with a performance from Wolf Alice.

The Mercury Prize nominated band capped off a month long stint of U.S. shows with a showing last night (Nov. 2) on the British hosted show with a performance of "Bros."

Wolf Alice certainly showed its progression as a band, coming from the U.K., where the band is far better known, into relative obscurity in the U.S. and now a dominating performance on late night TV.

"Bros" is a less gritty song than some in the band's repertoire, featuring the classic one, two punch of any great indie rock tune: a palm-muted rhythm guitar and a clean, looping lead guitar part.

A sweet little moment happens in the song's softer bridge section, when some fans from the audience yell out in excitement and give lead singer Ellie Rowsell a blushing smile. As the band builds out of the bridge a savvy camera operator on the show gets a great shot of Rowsell harmonizing with drummer Joel Amey as the camera blurs Rowsell in the foreground and focuses in on Amey in the background. From there, the song just erupts into its climax of infectious noise.

Wolf Alice head back to Europe for a string of dates in November and will come back to the States to finish off a string of shows across the Midwest and East Coast.

This week, Corden talks with a number of guests including Josh Duhamel, Ken Jeong, Bridget Moynahan and Allison Janny as well as musical performances from Bloc Party and Leona Lewis.

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