Many thought the Internet's craving for all things cat was satiated this year with the release of Meow The Jewels, a remix album of Run The Jewels II inter-spliced with kitten sounds. While the album was a hit, it is clear that people want to pay for more cat music. A Kickstarter campaign was launched in late October to fund an album created entirely for the enjoyment of felines. The album, Music For Cats, will "enrich cats' lives," and has attracted the investment of over 8,000 backers. The campaign has raised almost $200,000 from its goal of $20,000. The idea has earned its fair share of pun-promotions.

According to the Kickstarter, "Music for Cats was born from my efforts to bring real, scientifically credible music to as many members of the animal kingdom as possible. I decided to launch the company with music for cats because cats are commonly kept as pets, allowing us to easily share music with them."

The project is the brainchild of a man named David Teie. Teie is a cellist in the United States National Symphony Orchestra whose music was jokingly considered "major hits on the cat-music Billboard chart." This compliment of sorts inspired Teie to attempt to form a scientific consensus over the reaction of certain animals to different kinds of music. He first tested his theory on monkeys, later moving to cats, and hopefully, according to the Kickstarter, to abused dogs and other animals in the near future.

Teie's idea has inspired a plethora of puns across the Internet. The Guardian tweeted, "Feline groovy, one man's kickstarter quest to make the purrfect music for cats." Silicon Republic tweeted, "Music for cats: purr-fect idea or complete joke?" 

Whatever the case, it appears that Teie has about $170,000 extra, and will hopefully use this money to further advance his ideas or help animals in need. It has yet to be shown whether Teie's methods will be effective, but he seems to have earned the confidence of the Internet.