Legendary diva songstress Patti Labelle is definitely winning with the sell and sell out of her infamous sweet potato pies, exclusively sold at Walmart. The packaged baked goods have been nicknamed simply "patti pies" and has just about everyone on the hunt for their very own. Labelle recently interviewed with syndicated radio morning show, The Breakfast Club to talk about the success of her pies and a possible collaboration with young talent like, rapper Fetty Wap.

If you had the chance to watch the hilarious video of James Wright Chanel, who became an internet sensation by buying, eating and then reviewing Labelle's sweet potato pies, then you know just how much of an impact the videos had on the huge demand for the patti pies. Chanel's review of the pies had such an impact that Walmarts everywhere began to sell out of the pies overnight. According to EUR, Walmart director of communications, John Forest Ales, stated that his store was selling out of pies for 72 hours once the video went viral. According Chanel, the pies were so good that it makes you sing just like Patti after just one bite. Labelle recently spoke with Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy to tell just how great it feels to have her pies become such a phenomenon.

"I am blessed to have pies that you can't buy," the singer explained to the Breakfast Club. "Isn't that a blessing? It's like they're sold out but... you can still find a pie at some of the Walmarts, but I don't know where." She told the crew how people always ask her what's so good about these pies and where the recipe came from. The 71-year-old explained how finding the sweet potatoes needed to make more pies is the problem because there are not a lot around. But she can find just enough to make for herself because only she has the recipe.

"I can make a sweet potato pie like mine and Walmart because it's my recipe," she explained on the morning show.

She explained how it's the butter, the crust and the secret ingredient in the pie that are causing everyone to go crazy and continue on their personal search for these pies. She also cleared up some minor speculation about her pie to those who say you shouldn't eat it straight out of the box because the pie is raw and needs to be cooked.

"Everybody say they're eating raw pie. No, the pie is cooked," Labelle stated during her radio interview. "It's on the shelves. It's a cooked product. But, if you want to make it hot you can put it in the oven for 40 minutes at 350, and then you'll have a hot Sunday pie, from church pie.'

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant spoke about remaining relevant in the industry at her age and how her appearance on the ABC dance competition, her four-episode stint on American Horror Story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, have all broadened her music and her identity to a new generation of fans. She also had an appearance on the Fox drama series Empire, which introduced her to a new market of "young people."

Labelle is even interested an open to working with some of the new aged talent in the industry. When asked if she would consider doing a collaboration with a rapper, she responded, "Fetty Wap, I love that boy. With the one eye," she said. "I love him, he gangsta. I love his look. I would [work with him] in a heartbeat."

Maybe a collaboration could be in the works for the two soon. Watch the full interview below.