Electronic music is a world where its bits and pieces of sounds are mixed and mashed in an infinite amount of possible combinations. This exciting and at times daunting vast frontier allows for some very disparate and wide range of different interpretations of just one song. Thump went around the world and asked five different producers to remix Djemba Djemba and Kiesza's recent track "Give It To The Moment" and see the possibilities.

They went to five different countries in all corners of the globe, where each artists brings their own unique culture and perspective to the song. In South Africa, Nozinja turns up the tempo on the off-kilter soulful trap track and gives it a unique South African twist. He turns the track into a uniquely Shangaan tune with the tempo rising all the way to 190 bpm because that is the speed at which the women dance.

In Tokyo, they hang out with Kosmo Kat and his close knit crew of Japanese artists who are full of energy and always go out. He loves using anime sounds in his tunes and just adds a little more of that in his remix after hearing a bit of those influences in the original.

Laura Jones opens up about her condition that is leading to blindness, but also how her career is at its best point ever despite that. She takes the viewer to her favorite spots in Leeds and channels the cities gritty and hardworking nature into a stripped-back and thumping remix of her own.

Toy Selectah in Mexico details the struggle that live music has gone through in the country and what it takes to be a DJ, while also showing his process of incorporating digital cumbia into the tune and totally flipping "Give it To The Moment" on its head.

Cassian in Australia brings into his life with the strong collaborative atmosphere that he works in Sydney. He adds a more melodic and distinctly Australian twist on the tune with plenty of synths and a strong groove.

Watch the documentary, produced by Thump and Smirnoff Sound Collective, that was premiered at a launch party last night at Verboten in Brooklyn with live performances from Nozinja, Cassian and Laura Jones.