Patti LaBelle and James Wright Chanel are a great team when it comes to the making, marketing and selling-out of those infamous sweet potato pies. Although Chanel's viral video of him singing and critiquing the pies was far from planned, it still had everyone curious and wanting to know what was so special about them. Everyone including talk show host Steve Harvey, who recently tasted the goodness for himself when the two visited his daytime talk show.

LaBelle's sweet potato pies are nothing new, but it was Chanel who added a new special kind of spark and promotion to them when he uploaded a video of himself eating the greatness now referred to as "Patti Pies," which ultimately garnered over ten million views, according to EUR. In his video, he tasted the pies and responded to just how great every single bite was by singing one of LaBelle's songs, imitating her voice. Similarly, when Harvey tasted the pie for the first time during Chanel and LaBelle's visit to his show on Wednesday, Dec. 16, his reaction was an exact replica of Chanel's.

"Get your Patti ready," Chanel advised to Harvey as he cut a slice of the pie in preparation to take a bite. As he chewed his first bite he was instructed to not lie, and give his true response and opinion of the pie. Take a look at what followed.

Harvey's response was an imitation of Chanel's video right down to how he called her name during the video. Harvey continued to express how great the pie was by singing his rendition of LaBelle's "If Only You Knew," and flapping his arms as wings, in true LaBelle fashion. But Chanel felt that Harvey left out one of LaBelle's signature notes while trying to portray her, so he did it for him, belting out a high pitched verse of the song.

Chanel and LaBelle have quickly become friends since the video hit the Internet and became an overnight sensation. He even spent his Thanksgiving at the home of LaBelle by special invitation, according to Vibe. Chanel was so happy to have spent the day singing, dancing and eating with one of his idols that he recorded it and shared his moment on Facebook. The pair danced to another one of LaBelle's hit classics, "You Are My Friend."