Adele continues to break records. Like her sold out European tour, the 10-time Grammy Award winner and "Hello" singer recently announced 2016 US jaunt has seen unprecedented levels of demand. Given the chart-topping success of her most recent album, 25, this kind of fervor was expected, but the numbers truly are a sight to behold.

Here are four jaw-dropping statistics that put into perspective just how crazy Adele fever is in the States.

10 Million People Tried to Buy Tickets

When tickets for the US dates went live on December 17, an estimated 10 million people bombarded the website of Ticketmaster in the hopes of getting a spot. In a memo obtained by Billboard, Ticketmaster president Jared Smith praised company employees for keeping the ticket-buying experience relatively smooth despite the huge rush.

"Thanks to your efforts -- even with what I'm told was easily an all-time record of 10 million + fans rushing to our site -- we delivered a good experience for as many fans as possible," he wrote.

Only 750,000 Seats Were Available

The 10 million figure is even more amazing when you realize that only 750,000 seats were available across the entire five month tour, making the odds of getting the date of your choice extremely slim.

4 Million People Wanted Seats at Madison Square Garden

Of the 10 million fans that attempted to score tickets, 4 million tried to get a seat at one of Adele's six shows in New York City's Madison Square Garden, according to Rolling Stone. Only 100,000 tickets were available for the MSG dates, so getting a spot there was even more difficult.

$2,425 - The Price of one Adele Ticket on Stubhub

As expected, with hours of the sale the secondary market was flooded with scalpers hawking their Adele tickets for exorbitant amounts. This tweet from irate fan Meg Walton pretty much sums up most fans' frustrations.

Adele's US tour kicks off July 5, 2016 in St. Paul Minnesota. We're you lucky enough to get tickets?

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