It was another slow week on the Billboard 200. Album sales have been slow but that doesn't mean Frozen doesn't deserve credit for the run it's having at the top of charts. The soundtrack sold another 106,000 copies, which kept it at the top spot for the 13th week. We haven't seen any projections for next week's sales yet, but it's tough to see any of this week's releases trumping Frozen. The Black Keys and Michael Jackson have new albums out next week however, which may be Frozen's downfall. 

The biggest seller among new albums this week was Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. The album moved 56,000 copies, which is the biggest debut by far for the violinist. The performer's last album peaked at no. 23 on the charts, but has managed to hang around on the 200 since its release. In fact, it jumped back up to no. 42 thanks to the release of her new album. Ray LaMontagne jumped into the Top 10 for the third straight album, as his Supernova sold 40,000 copies and placed at no. 3. No. 4 comes from the Passion Christian group, which has released several recordings that have cracked the Top 10. This edition, Take It All, was recorded live at conferences in Atlanta and Houston. 

Iggy Azalea may have lost out to Future when the pair of emcees dropped new albums last week, but the roles were reversed during round two. Azalea's The New Classic sold 23,000 copies, which placed her at no. 5 and ahead of Future's no. 7 Honest (which sold 20,000 copies). Azalea is also winning the overall sales race at the moment, 75,000 copies to 73,000. Pharrell Williams and G I R L came in between the two albums, moving 22,000 copies in its eighth week. 

Another debut album comes in the form of Timeflies' album After Hours, which sold 20,000 copies. Perhaps more indicative of how slow sales have been this week is the no. 10 album: Our Endless War from deathcore group Whitechapel. No offense to the metal group, but when something that counterculture debuts in the top ten, you know it's a slow sales week. Luke Bryan took the no. 9 spot, as Crash My Party sold 17,000 copies.