Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane are a new force in country music, and some have compared them to Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. In a new interview, the Justin Timberlake CMA duet partner talks his wife, new music and just how wild 2015 has been with the release of his break-out album, Traveller. One of the high-points in his concerts, a cover of Jimmy Davis's "You Are My Sunshine," has a special story between he and Morgane behind it.

According to Rolling Stone Country, Stapleton had lyrics to the song etched into her wedding band shortly before the two were married. Producer Dave Cobb, essential in the instrumentation of the now gold album, Traveller, didn't even know this detail before the interview.

"Yeah, it's engraved in there," Stapleton said to the publication. "That's our story."

The song is being recorded for Stapleton's new album, entitled Southern Family. The team will be recording it in RCA Studio A, which has seen the likes of Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Elvis Presley, but was saved from being torn down back in 2014.

"It's just heavy glass, and it means a sh*t ton," Morgane said about the three CMA trophies won by her husband. Stapleton won Album Of The Year, Male Vocalist Of The Year and New Artist Of The Year at the 2015 awards ceremony.

Stapleton and his wife are deeply committed, both to their relationship and their music. His wife always joins him on the road when he travels in addition to being a creative collaborator on break-out album, Traveller. She is also a driving force behind keeping her husband calm on tour as well as keeping the band, crew and even the crowd running smoothly during the show. She even paused a fight during one of the show with some choice words from the stage.

"It's how we're drawn to each other in the first place, was music. That's our foundation in a lot of ways. Maybe that's what shows," she said to Rolling Stone Country early last month after the awards ceremony.