Generosity seemed to be the theme for this year's holidays. From a holiday cover by Lauryn Hill to the release of Busta Rhymes' new mixtape, fans were getting gifts left and right. To add on to that list, Kid Ink released his album, Summer in The Winter yesterday. And since it did so well on iTunes, he decided to bless fans with one more gift: "No Pretending." The Wheezy produced track didn't make it on to the album but it's definitely worth the listen. Check it out!

Kid Ink teamed up with DJ Mustard to put together Summer In The Winter and as always, they brought some fire. The 11-track album has features from Fetty Wap, Omarion, Bia, Starrah and a rare appearance from Akon. The album made it to No. 5 on iTunes so Kid Ink gave fans "Pretending" as a thanks. He also released the visual for "Blowin' Swishers Pt. 2."

The track comes off of Kid Ink's newly released album. Talk about putting in work! The track, along with the rest Summer In The Winter, can be streamed on Spotify now.

It seems as if Kid Ink is just paying attention to his music and nothing else. If you can recall, a few weeks ago a fan by the name of Junior Parriera tried to rush tried the stage at a Kid Ink show in Sao Paulo and got a really bad reaction. Kid Ink's body guard, Bigg Chuck, grabbed Parriera and threw him into the stands. Yikes! Parriera informed TMZ that he wants an apology soon or he will be suing Kid Ink for public humiliation and the injuries he sustained. But should Kid Ink be the one to be sued even though it was his body guard that took action? Hopefully, he doesn't have to worry about that!

In the meantime, keep focusing on your music Kid Ink! Fans are really enjoying everything you've been putting out.