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Eric Prydz Shares 'Opus' Song "Breathe" Featuring Rob Swire

by Ryan Middleton   Jan 8, 2016 17:17 PM EST

Eric Prydz has unveiled the official version of his collaboration with Rob Swire titled "Breathe." Taken from the Swedish producer, DJ's upcoming album Opus, the track is the next big hit in line from Pryda as he follows up other singles like "Generate" and "Every Day."

A snipper of "Breathe" was first unveiled in his Beats 1 mix in October. Since then fans have been clamoring for the collaboration between Prydz and the Knife Party member. Rob Swire doesn't sing often on other people's records - one notably example being deadmau5's song "Ghosts N Stuff."

Earlier today it got its official unveiling as the Hottest Record In The World by Annie Mac on BBC Radio One. The tune has one of the biggest melodies he has every crafted, designed for the mainstages he has come to occupy in recent years as tasteful balancing act against the repetitive drivel that is largely played on those big stages at dance music festivals. Rob Swire's voice adds another level of euphoria to the tune.

Eric Prydz is getting ready to have one of the biggest months of his life, gearing up for the release of his album Opus and then the fourth round of his EPIC tour. Opus is set to be a double-disc album with 19 tracks in total, coming after his PRYDA 10 EP series that unloaded 29 tracks in total on his fans. He will have plenty of new material to take on the road for his special EPIC 4.0 shows which kick off on Feb. 12 in New York City at Terminal 5.

Opus Tracklist:

Disc 1:

1. Liam
2. Black Dyce
3. Uber
4. Som Sas
5. Last Dragon
6. Moody Mondays - Eric Prydz, The Cut
7. Floj
8. Trubble
9. Klepht
10. Sjunga

Disc 2:

1. Sunset At Café Mambo
2. Breathe - Eric Prydz, Rob Swire
3. Generate
4. Oddity
5. Mija
6. Every Day
7. Liberate
8. The Matrix
9. Opus

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