Billy Corgan has had, to put it lightly, an interesting career aside from his work in the Smashing Pumpkins. In the past few months alone he has started his own blog about cars, quit Twitter and has also revealed that he is writing a new memoir entitled God Is Everywhere, From Here to There. He also recently scored a job as an executive of Nashville-based TNA Wrestling, and used to run his own amateur organization in the heavyweight sport. In a new interview, Corgan disses the “misogyny” in professional wrestling, and confirms that, in fact, women do have the strength to compete.

In his interview with TMZ, Corgan cited UFC martial artist Ronda Rousey in an effort to prove that pro wrestling is inherently sexist.

“The rise of Ronda Rousey shows that wrestling is behind the curve in marketing women in a different way,” Corgan said to TMZ. “There’s a whole new way of portraying women in wrestling in the future, to get away from the typical misogynist stuff, something tougher and cool. Rouse embodies something that is smart, sexy and tough.”

Corgan has been working for TNA Wrestling since 2015 and serves as the Senior Producer, Creative and Talent Development. As an executive producer, Corgan is responsible for the storylines and characters behind the weekly Impact Wrestling series according to NME.

The oddball artist also recently revealed that he has written over a thousand pages of his memoir God Is Everywhere, From Here to There to fans in Chicago during an interview at Billy's Books. Corgan also admitted that the process behind his book has been “slow” and there is yet to be any confirmed release date.

In the live interview, Corgan said, “It’s not meant to be a clever legal device, it’s actually meant to get you out of what you think you know and take you hopefully into the very interpersonal experience of what I experienced. Which, I would argue, is mythology. Most of what I have experienced in my life isn’t real.”