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REZZ Explores Darker Side of Techno on ‘The Silence Is Deafening’ EP [LISTEN]

by Alexandria Wojcik   Jan 24, 2016 23:36 PM EST

The latest release on Deadmau5' Mau5trap imprint sees Niagara Falls-born producer Isabelle Rezazadeh, AKA REZZ, exploring the darker, heavier side of techno. Stream the entirety of The Silence Is Deafening, including lead single "Lost" featuring Delaney Jane, below.
REZZ has often been referred to as a long-lost techno twin of the French prince of darkness Gesaffelstein. While Gesaffelstein's influence remains apparent, the new album also calls to mind Trent Reznor's industrial rock stylings as Nine Inch Nails.

While the producer's influences run deep on each of the EP's four tracks, The Silence Is Deafening shows the up-and-comer further pushing musical boundaries and carving out an edgy take on deep, low end-heavy tech house completely her own.

In a note accompanying the EP on Mau5trap's Soundcloud, the producer jokes about her sinister sound: "be careful not to get sucked into the abyss plz." When premiering the EP, the producer described the new material as "darker and heavier than ever before" and told Billboard it's the "EP that [she's] most proud of so far in [her] career."

REZZ said "The title came from a random Instagram account shown to me by a friend. He had named one of his art works 'The Silence was Deafening,' which I found very interesting. I replaced 'was' with 'is' because I resonated more with that. The EP art was inspired by the title with its dark/erie/broken TV screen background," Billboard reports.

The producer added: "The songs all came together throughout the span of a few months and in result sounded perfectly cohesive for this EP concept."

After spending a few months on the road with Anna Lunoe and crew for the Hyperhouse Tour, REZZ is currently on the Ship 2 Ship Tour alongside Destructo and Justin Martin, Magnetic Magazine reports. She is also featured on Mysteryland USA's Phase 1 lineup.

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