Nevermen, the supergroup consisting of TV On The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, Faith No More's Mike Patton and Subtle's Adam Drucker, better known as Doseone, has dropped its long-awaited self-titled debut album via via Patton's Ipecac Recordings and Lex. Stream all ten tracks of Nevermen below.

The group previously shared "Tough Towns," "Mr. Mistake" and "Hate On" in advance of the full album's release. Boards of Canada recently reworked "Mr. Mistake" for their first official remix in over a decade. Listen to the remix below.

The group started work on the album in 2008, Consequence of Sound reports. As the story goes, Adebimpe and Doseone first connected in a Brooklyn warehouse and recorded a few demos. Doseone sent the tracks to longtime collaborator Patton, and from that point on, the trio worked together in the studio creating Nevermen.

According to Pitchfork, the trio originally set out to be a multimedia quintet featuring the Chapman Brothers from the Young British Artists movement. Although the visual component of the project is no longer, the three frontmen finally delivered on the album itself.

Unlike most supergroups, all three members of Nevermen are frontmen of their respective primary projects. The result is similar to that seen with collectives and crews that dominate EDM and hip-hop: no one member of the group dominates.

As much as Adebimpe's vocals instantly call to mind TV On The Radio's discography, Doseone's brooding production as heard on CLOUDDEAD and Patton's stylings from his Peeping Tom project are just as present throughout each track on the album.

The trio was originally scheduled to hit the road in the coming weeks for an inaugural tour together in support of the new album including a few dates in support of Massive Attack. However, the tour was canceled due to illness shortly before the album's release so there's no telling when fans will get a chance to see the trio perform live.