For nearly 10 years, Soundcloud has been one of the top online music streaming platforms, however, has lacked functionality that other (newer) platforms had. But now, Soundcloud has caught up to other streaming platforms by adding top 50 lists for over 30 genres of music. This may not sound all that impressive, but this seemingly minor addition may prove to be an incredibly major one.

Soundcloud had fallen on some bad luck in recent months. In mid-2015, they almost ran out of money, despite a net worth of over $700 million. Just a few months later, Soundcloud reportedly had reached an agreement with Universal Music Group that would not only change the licensing on millions of illegal bootlegs streaming on the platform, but bail Soundcloud out of their financial troubles with the proposal of paid subscriptions through the site. Finally, in early 2016, they reached a deal with UMG which was certainly something Soundcloud wanted, and desperately needed.

Things quickly turned around for Soundcloud as they went from almost having no money, to signing a mega licensing deal with one of the largest on the planet, UMG.

As Soundcloud continues to gain on their positive momentum, in an article from Dancing Astronaut, Soundcloud just unveiled a new feature to the site, which allows users to see the Top 50 tracks for over 30 genres of music. This is a massive milestone due to the fact that as one of the largest online streaming platforms, it now has the ability to compete with the charts provided by other music streaming platform sites like Spotify, iTunes, and most notably, Hype Machine.

Hype Machine is one of the most notable music charting platforms, as the site consists of 764 carefully selected blogs that post articles on today's best music. Once an artist's track, whether it be a remix or an original, gets posted by one of the 764 blogs, that artist's song will begin to "trend" on the Top 50 Remix Chart, the Top 50 Overall Chart (comprised of original pieces and remixes), or both charts.

For years, trending on the Hype Machine charts has been a pinnacle of an artists' success, however, that may have just changed with Soundcloud's newly implemented chart system.

With Soundcloud's Top 50 charts covering a vast array of music such as, alternative, country, dance & EDM, pop, techno, hip-hop and rap, and more, it will be interesting to see where the music world shifts to in regards to their songs charting.

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