Ty Segall has done some weird stuff in the past: he's doctored himself up with glittery makeup, he averages roughly three albums a year and late last year he even sent out an advance copy of his latest album Emotional Mugger out to journalists via VHS tape.

But his latest music video might top that list as he has released a nearly 15-minute short film that depicts some truly disturbing images of gory violence in a dystopian world filled with mindless human robots and corrupt cops.

Even if you're not a fan of his shock-horror style, the music isn't taken straight from the album as he's adapted several songs to better fit the video and gives fans a new way to experience the music.

"Ty and (the album's producer) F. Bermudez remixed the album specifically for the video," director Matt Yoka told Indie Wire. "Unlike most music videos, when you watch 'Emotional Mugger' you are getting to hear different versions/interpretations of the music - so watching this video is not really about hearing music from the album as it's getting another experience from the 'Emotional Mugger' dimension."

The visuals are definitely disturbing. A cop literally vacuum sucks the insides out of an assailant, a prostitute willingly straps a mechanism to her leg which makes her burst like a bubble and people at a party are brainwashed by the phones attached to their faces.

"The 'Mugger' video is a reflection on Los Angeles (and in general, urban plight and anxiety)," Yoka wrote. "Ty and I are big fans of practical/in-camera gore and effects, so this was an opportunity to experiment with those traditions. It's just important for me to use those effects as commentary (in the vein of Terry Gilliam and David Cronenberg).

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