Ty Segall is known not only for his gorgeously filthy rock music, but also for the oddity and frequency with which he releases it. This week he's outdone himself with the release of his new solo album, Emotional Mugger, released exclusively on VHS.

Segall recently dropped a new record with one of his many bands -- Fuzz; announced the formation of a new band -- GØGGS -- with the band's first single being "She Got Harder;" and he is working on an album of T-Rex covers with another band called Broken Bat.

Maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's at it again with yet another solo album.

Pitchfork reports receiving the VHS in the mail from Segall's label Drag City. The tape starts with a Columbia Tristar Home Video opening that says, "Coming to a theater near you." The record hasn't yet been released in any other format, so hopefully the message means the record will see a proper release soon.

The album features 11 tracks running roughly 40 minutes according to Pitchfork. One of the publications received tapes that ended with the 1993 film, My Life, while another copy ended with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Segall's new VHS record came with a crumpled up piece of paper explaining the album's title.

"Emotional mugging is a psychoanalytic subject to subject exchange formed as a response to our hyper-digital sexual landscape," the note read. "EM is an unfortunate but tragically essential practice in the age of digital intimacy."

A video surfaced on emotionalmugger.com of Segall reading the letter in full while dressed as a doctor explaining his scientific study. The video concludes with a demonstration of emotional mugging, with two people sitting in a room doing nothing as a doctor observes.

Check out the full tracklist below as well as Fuzz II, one of Segall's many new albums.

Emotional Mugger:

01 Squealer
02 California Hills
03 Emotional Mugger/Leopard Priestess
04 Breakfast Eggs
05 Diversion
06 Baby Big Man (I Want A Mommy)
07 Mandy Cream
08 Candy Sam
09 Squealer Two
10 W.U.O.T.W.S.
11 The Magazine

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