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Grammys 2016 Best Pop Vocal Album Nominees, Who Should/Will Win: Taylor Swift, James Taylor

by Jon Niles   Feb 12, 2016 19:00 PM EST

Mark Ronson, Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor are the 2016 nominees for the 58th annual Grammy Awards Best Pop Vocal Album category -- but only one artist can take home the prize. We'll get to see which of these talents shines at the Grammys Monday, February 15 on CBS, but we're taking a look at who should win as opposed to who will most likely win.

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Piece by Piece -- Kelly Clarkson
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful -- Florence + the Machine
Uptown Special -- Mark Ronson
1989 -- Taylor Swift
Before This World -- James Taylor


Taylor Swift's latest album is the culmination of her career so far -- as are all of her other albums, you can argue -- but the singer is at her best with 1989. The other albums on this list of nominees are the latest to fall to the power of T-Swift.

It would be pretty cool if James Taylor won, but the nomination will have to suffice for the iconic singer-songwriter.

Kelly Clarkson is probably going to have to get used to only being nominated this year and Florence + the Machine's nod in this category is mainly just confusing.

Mark Ronson's album is full of some great performers, but that isn't worth awarding the producer, is it?


Let's be real here -- Taylor Swift is going to sweep the Grammys again this year. This category is a clear win for 1989, despite the other solid nominees. I'm assuming that the Grammy will go to Taylor, but at this point, can we just say that it's a given?

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