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Halsey and Tyler Posey Go Back to School in New ‘Colors’ Video [WATCH]

by Alexandria Wojcik   Feb 26, 2016 01:52 AM EST

Halsey is joined by Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey in her new music video for Badlands single "Colors." The Tim Mattia-directed clip follows the duo as they travel back in time to attend prep school together.

The hazy video matches the track's dreamy tone as typical prep school scenes unfold: The duo play a few rounds of tennis, the actor runs track, the singer cartwheels through cheerleading practice, groups of girls in uniform giggle as they smoke in bathroom stalls and drama ensues among rows of lockers. The video reveals that the duo's parents are dating through a few tennis and dinner scenes and seems to suggest that Halsey and Posey's characters are romantically involved as well.

Throughout the video, the indie darling dons a blonde wig cut in a 1950s bob and is frequently seen either behind her Polaroid camera or rolling around in her bed while grasping the photos she illicitly snapped while Posey and his father change in the locker rooms after playing tennis. It's not until the video takes a strange twist at the end that the truth about Halsey's paramour comes out: She's been photographing and pining for Posey's father all along.

When the pop punker sings about the color blue, the video's focus turns to a blue station wagon and rows of blue lockers. When she sings about the color gray -- the one clue regarding her character's true love interest throughout the video -- the focus turns to black-and-white photographs and the older man's silver hair.

Watch the tangled love story unfold via the artist's official YouTube, below:

Both the singer and the Teen Wolf star took to Twitter to promote the video, Billboard reports. The duo have been actively teasing the video through social media all week in anticipation of its release Thursday afternoon.

As Fuse points out, Halsey had announced that "Colors" would be the third single off Badlands via graffiti stenciled on a wall on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg in Brooklyn. As of now, there is no word on what to expect from her next.

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