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Axwell Cuts Michael Feiner 'Mantra' Into Club-Ready Track

by Ryan Middleton   Mar 18, 2016 14:59 PM EDT

Two new Axwell songs in two weeks? Go and buy some lottery tickets because something is up. With a complete Miami Music Week takeover in mind, the former Swedish House Mafia member released his bombastic single "Barricade" and now has another new track ready to go for the club and pool party sets. Axwell welcomes back to his label Axtone, Swedish producer and singer Michael Feiner with his track "Mantra," and then gives it his own "cut."

The track harkens back to Axwell pre-2010 when he was putting out house gems like "Submariner," "Feel The Vibe" and "I Found U," which many fans still believe are some of his best works. The occasional reverbed synth stabs come right out that era in the background to the flute that dominates in the foreground and carries the melody and works alongside the constantly building percussion that adds in snares and tambourines at different times.

It has been quite a while since fans have seen Michael Feiner's name on a release on Axtone. He was the voice on Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso's classic 2005 record "Together" that still gets reprised, remixed and occasionally played out to this day by the two DJs and others.

Axwell does not release much music as a solo artist. Before "Barricade," which was released last week, he hasn't released his own track since 2013's "Center Of The Universe." He has been relatively prolific with Sebastian Ingrosso as a part of their Axwell /\ Ingrosso project, releasing a half dozen records together, but this flurry of releases is incredibly rare. It is also interesting to see how much they contrast each other - one sure to dominate the Ultra main stage this weekend and the other for pool parties.

Stream "Mantra" below and pick up a copy on your favorite portal here.

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