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Morrissey New Song 'The Bullfighter Dies' Tackles Animal Rights, Celebrates Human Death

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Jun 16, 2014 02:06 PM EDT

Morrissey performs at the Staples Center in 2013 (Photo : Getty Images)

Morrissey may not be able to complete a full tour these days, but that doesn't mean the former Smiths frontman's plans to roll out his new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business are completely derailed. Today (June 16), Moz released a new song "The Bullfighter Dies" alongside a spoken-word video from his upcoming record.

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Clocking in at a snippy two minutes, four seconds, "The Bullfighter Dies" tackles one of Morrissey's most favorite topics (and this is a guy with a lot of passions)... animal rights and the ever-so-controversial practice of bullfighting.

"Mad in Madrid / Ill in Seville / Lonely in Barcelona / Then someone told you and you cheered / You cheered 'Hooray! Hooray! the bullfighter dies / And nobody cries / Because we all want the bull to survive," Morrissey sings in the song's opening verse and chorus, making no mistake about the activism in his lyrics.

The message of this song is decidedly pro-animal, anti-human, and the music accompanying "The Bullfighter Dies" emphasizes this point.

Opening with a rouse of trumpets, eventually the track evolves into an upbeat, peppy anthem with strong "Hoorays!" from Morrissey, showcasing just how happy this guy is that a person is dead, even if this is a person who has killed his fair share of animals... you know, he's still a guy with a family. But that's not quite so important to Moz.

So, as someone who is currently munching on a Chicken Caesar Salad wrap, this song has a really macabre sense of priorities and perhaps works better as a proper spoken word piece.

Listen to "The Bullfighter Dies" below with its accompanying lyrical video:

"The Bullfighter Dies" is one song from Morrissey's upcoming album World Peace Is None Of Your Business. The album is due to hit stores on July 15.

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