Irish Pub Crowd Sings The Killers' 'Mr. Brightside' for Deceased Friend [WATCH]

Mar 29, 2016 04:08 PM EDT

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"Mr. Brightside" is arguably the most notable song by Las Vegas arena rockers The Killers, making it fitting for any situation that calls for a sing-along. Heck, it is my go-to karaoke song, and I dare you not to sing along! Just this week, an Irish pub chose this song as the farewell anthem for a recently deceased friend. We know that wakes in Ireland are wild, but this recent viral video has shown us that this pub knows good music and how to send off a late friend. Watch this video below.

While this song is certainly one to get you excited or pumped up for a crowd sing-along, in this venue and for this reason, it is pretty heartbreaking. A friend has died and a crowd of mourners breaks into a popular rock song that is too infectious not to sing along to, with one amazing man leading the pub.

This man, according to reports from Noisey and UPROXX, is named Brian O'Sullivan. In this video that is making the rounds on the Internet this week, we can see him on top of the pub's bar, at one point removing his shirt, and shouting at the crowd, "I can't hear you!"

While he is the shining star of this video, we know that everyone singing is performing a beautiful tribute to a dearly departed friend. Plus, The Killers found out about the video and shared it on Twitter, saying that O'Sullivan could easily replace lead singer Brandon Flowers if needed!

Check out this tweet and the heartwarming "Mr. Brightside" video right here:


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